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Letha Wilson

Letha Wilson

Letha WilsonPhoto: Letha Wilson, Bryce Canyon Lava Push, 2018. Courtesy of the artist and GRIMM Amsterdam | New York⁠

Letha Wilson

–The photograph doesn’t stop once the image is taken but (for me) it begins a new life.

–Who are you?⁠

Letha Wilson⁠

–What do you do?⁠

I use photographs I have taken in nature to create sculptural artworks. These physical interventions attempt to compensate for the photograph’s failure to encompass the original site it represents. There is a kind of magic about photographs of the American West that inspire a ‘wish I was there’ feeling, and can transport you especially when viewed in the midst of an urban jungle. My work aims to bridge these spaces, how to be there and here simultaneously, how to reckon the divide. I would like to consider our relationship to these natural spaces, what they can teach us, and how they should be protected.⁠

–Why photography?⁠

The scientific backbone of photography has always enchanted me. Also, how can a camera be an agent to capture, gather, hold the moments the world offers us? For me the action of taking a photograph is also about being present in the world, aware, absorbing information directly. If photography is an action, how then could a sculptural action transform that resulting photograph? The photograph doesn’t stop once the image is taken but (for me) it begins a new life. There is so much after the image is realized that isn’t considered, I find this fertile territory for play, engagement, and disruption.⁠