We Do Festival of Contemporary Polish Arts & Culture

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The We Do festival is a celebration of Polish culture and offers an exciting range of experiences through workshops, live performances and documentary film screenings. Welcome to five days of Polish cultural experiences - free and open to everyone!

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All the festival's events are free - workshops require registration.

This is the fifth time the We Do Festival of Contemporary Polish Arts & Culture takes place in Norway — this time at Henie Onstad Kunstsenter in Høvikodden and with a closing party in Oslo.

The festival represents a Polish culture that is both open, shared and diverse. With a goal of reaching out to a broad international audience here in Oslo, We Do contributes with space for shared experiences and international dialogue between cultures and across borders. One of the main aims of this year's edition is to take a break from the digital and work with the analogue. By slowing down and promoting analog activities, the festival aims to create an atmosphere of relaxation and creativity.

The festival's workshops, film screenings and program take place in the Studio, the Vestibule and the Auditorium - for the full program and more information see the festival's website.

Later this autumn, a large exhibition with the important Polish artist Magdalena Abakanowicz opens. Read more about the exhibition here.