About Henie Onstad

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The donators, Sonja Henie and Niels Onstad at Høvikodden in 1968

About Henie Onstad

The Henie Onstad Kunstsenter at Høvikodden is a leading arena for national and international art with a changing exhibition program and a collection consisting of more than 8000 works.

The museum is situated on a peninsula, 15 minutes outside of the Norwegian capital, Oslo. It opened its doors for the first time in 1968 and is beautifully located on Høvikodden, surrounded by the fjord, beaches and a large sculpture park.

The Henie Onstad has always supported new commissions in addition to production of catalogues and research. As a visitor you can experience an extensive photography program, the avant-garde and live music-program in addition to presentations of the collection and exhibitions with contemporary art.

As a permanent installation the work Hymn of Life by the Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama always on display in addition to the new extension Sal Merz, presenting the work of Kurt Schwitters, his contemporaries and followers.