Gjenopplev TCF live på Henie Onstad


Photo: Øystein Thorvaldsen / Henie Onstad Archive

Gjenopplev TCF live på Henie Onstad

In connection with New Visions, Henie Onstad's triennial for photography and new media, the art center invited TCF to premiere his new audio/video work .

Under the name TCF, composer and artist Lars Holdhus uses artificial intelligence (neural networks, recurrent learning), algorithms and the gaming platform Unity to create sound art. The work is based on the idea of ​​a virtual artist who composes sound art in real time in a virtual game world. By using so-called recurrent learning, different game characters are trained in optimizing the performance of the work, which turns out differently each time.

1db84ebc93c629ab64d1a38b719f78f864039a81f4025a3045016682d310b7a7 is performed via a powerful PC and software. The software is sent around the world for performances, often without the artist present. This is an environmentally conscious decision on the part of the artist instead of touring with the work himself.

After the premiere of 1db84ebc93c629ab64d1a38b-719f78f864039a81f4025a3045016682d310b7a7 TCF enters the stage in person for a half-hour live set in front of projections of bot-generated images that are posted daily on the artist's Instagram, Twitter and Youtube accounts.

The work was premiered at Henie Onstad Art Center on 12 September as part of the Ultima Oslo Contemporary Music Festival 2020.

Lars TCF Holdhus (b. 1986) is a multidisciplinary artist and musician based in Oslo. He uses code, cryptographic ideas and self-referential systems in both his art and music. Holdhus has exhibited art and performed music at MoMa PS1, Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, Kunsthalle Basel and ICA London. He has previously been well placed in the middle of a cutting edge musician and artist community in Berlin. Under the moniker TCF he has released music on renowned record labels such as PAN, Liberation Technologies, Ekster and YYAA. Lately Holdhus has increasingly focused on nature and ecology in his work.

  • Lars Holdhus Composer, developer
  • Christian Brekke Sound
  • André Løyning Video
  • Svein Terje Torvik Curator, producer
↑ Get to know artist and composer Lars Holdus, aka TCF. Watch the video interview conducted before the live wshow.

Video: André Løyning