Inntrykk fra Den Molekylære Balletten på Henie Onstad Kunstsenter


Inntrykk fra Den Molekylære Balletten på Henie Onstad Kunstsenter

We have entered a reality that is larger than the language we have to describe it. During the late summer of 2020, The Molecular Ballet and Ny Høvik Ballet helped transform the sculpture park at Henie Onstad into a laboratory of hieroglyphic dance.

The Molecular Ballet is a multi disciplinary project aiming to create a performative symbolic language to describe the rapidly expanded reality we find ourselves in. The project is rooted in a set of 256 "Tots" - visual collages collected anonymously from invited contributing artists over a period of 11 years. This collection of images has given rise to a universe of characters and practices explored in cinema, fine arts, music and performance.

As a precursor the the public were invited to help shape the dance by choosing their favorite characters and symbols through a digital interface. During the performance the public got to meet their chosen characters and experience the transfiguration of their specific symbols into multidimensional dance.

In the documentation film you find some atmospheres from the 3 hour long performance.

You can follow the Molecular Ballet at &

Supported by The Norwegian Cultural Council and FFUK.