Pierre Soulages

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From the exhibition pamphlet:

"Pierre Soulages belongs to the generation of French painters who in the 50'ies took part in the establishment and final break-through of abstract expressionism. At that time he was amongst the youngest of the artists. But his art on the other hand one of deep earnest. With his use of broad lashes of black against a background of luminous colours he created intense dramas of space and light.

In his graphic work Soulages follows the main trend of his paintings from the beginning of the 50'ies when he made the first etchings after his actual paintings till the present time when he treats the graphic techniques very freely and independently, shaping his "signs" with great originality and strength of expression.

We are very grateful to Pierre Soulages for trusting us with this selection of his graphics and to the Galerie de France for carrying out the practical administration of it for Norway."

– Ole Henrik Moe

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