The Necks

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The Necks are among Australia's leading exports in the musical avant-garde. Fans across the globe welcome them with open arms time and time again, because when this trio enters the stage, it's always with a blank slate and a wide-open attitude to what's to come.

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Ordinary: 320,-
Member: 280,-

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Where their purely improvisational methods take them is a thrill in itself. Each The Necks concert is unique, and they say that each performance is a rehearsal for the next. Such an unpredictable setting is risky and with a potential for disaster. But for The Necks it works perfectly because of the nearly telepathic chemistry between pianist Chris Abrahams, bassist Lloyd Swanton and drummer Tony Buck. The Necks simply sound most like only themselves, but stylistically they can be described as free explorations in improvised groove-based jazz, which touches upon intense krautrock, acoustic ambient and hypnotic minimalism.

The Necks matures like fine wine. Their new studio album "Travel", the 17th since 1989, is among their very best and shows a band at their peak. This is the first time The Necks play at Henie Onstad. The trio has been high on our wish list for a while and we very much look forward to experiencing the sound of The Necks blending with the acoustics in our concert hall Studio!

  • Chris Abrahams piano
  • Lloyd Swanton bass
  • Tony Buck trommer