Paul Maheke

Taboo Durag

Paul Maheke Taboo Durag 7 Meg T Noe

Paul Maheke.

Shot from Taboo Durag. Photo: Meg T. Noe

Experience Paul Maheke in the performance Taboo Durag.

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Ticket price: 130 kr

Paul Maheke is a French-British artist who works with dance, performance, installation, sound and video. In his work, Maheke problematizes themes such as identity, stereotypes and discrimination through highly emotional performances. Since 2015, he has been interested in choreography as a tool for survival, freedom of speech and joy.

Through the performance Taboo Durag (2021), Maheke explores the interface between vulnerability and resilience. The dance solo unfolds different narratives and choreographic registers with a score of heavy ambience and vocals.

The performance is part of the official side program of the exhibition Every Moment Counts – AIDS and its Feelings, and the celebration of Queer Cultural Year.

  • Paul Maheke Written and performed, voice
  • Simon Maheke Music