Marianne Heier & Anna Daniell


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The exhibition The Hour of Reckoning presents a selection of works from Sonja Henie and Niels Onstad's original art donation to Henie Onstad Kunstsenter together with contemporary works.

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Prisma Galleries

One of the newer works in the collection is Marianne Heier's performance Dinosaur. In 2018, Dinosaur was created within the context of the first #metoo intervention in Norway at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts. The performance took shape as an opening speech to address power relations, both in the visual arts field, in interpersonal relations, and in society at large. The dinosaur is a friendly figure that moves clumsily and slowly, but his words express old forms of authority that ignore the requests of the younger generations in front of him. In view of enriching performance as a medium at Henie Onstad, Dinosaur conveys notions of intergenerational challenges in addition to shedding light on the museum as an institution that requires constant revitalization.

For the exhibition, artist Anna Daniell was invited to produce new work in relation to the lack of women artists in the original collection. Her contribution, which was unveiled in Agust, is the sculpture installation A Gift From a Woman (2021). In addition to being a sculpture, the work also includes a wallpaper framing in the wall with works by Max Ernst, Fernand Léger and. Joan Miró. Daniell’s work challenges the space given to the Modern Masters in the donor’s first gift by examining ideas of dimension as a woman artist.

  • 14:00

    Marianne Heier performs her performance Dinosaur (2018).

  • 15:00

    Anna Daniell performs a speech to the sculpture A Gift From a Woman (2021) and Stine Omar (vocalist of the band Easter) sings for the sculpture.

Open for all. Entrance with museum ticket. Free for Klubben and Klubben Young.

L2 A3113
↑ Marianne Heier, Dinosaur, 2018/2021. Henie Onstad Collection

Photo: Christian Tunge / Henie Onstad Kunstsenter

↑ Anna Daniell, A Gift From a Woman, 2021.

Photo: Øystein Thorvaldsen / Henie Onstad Kunstsenter