Mari Boine Trio

Mari Boine Credit Gregor Hohenberg 004

Photo: Gregor Hohenberg

Mari Boine is an award winning Norwegian Sami musician known for having added jazz and rock to the traditional singing of her native people. She will perform outside at Henie Onstad August 22.

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Boine sings in a traditional folk style, using the 'yoik' voice, together with a wide range of accompanying instruments and percussion.

Almost 30 years have passed since Mari Boine swept music lovers around the globe off their feet with her astonishing solo album “Gula Gula” which was released internationally on Peter Gabriel’s famous RealWorld label. For “Gula Gula” Mari received the first of her three Norwegian Grammy Award.

With her unique voice infused by the long time oppressed shaman culture of the Norwegian Sami, an indigenous people often compared to Native Americans, she’s created a sound universe of her own with an almost trance-like folk music.

At Henie Onstad Boine will perform in a trio. The unique setting outside of the museum form the backdrop for a very special experience.

  • Mari Boine joik, vocals
  • Georg Buljo guitar, vocals, joik
  • Gunnar Augland drums
Mari Boine Credit Gregor Hohenberg 005

Photo: Gregor Hohenberg

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