Ignas Krunglevičius and Oslo Sinfonietta


Henie Onstad Art Center and Oslo Sinfonietta, together with artist and composer Ignas Krunglevičius, will world premiere the new work Iridescent on Art Channel June 14th.

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Ignas Krunglevičius has created an auditive, visual and haptic experience where the analogue and acoustic sounds of the ensemble meet the physical form and resonance of custom-made steel objects that become part of the ensemble.

On his latest work, Iridescent, Krunglevičius says:

In the Studio of Henie Onstad Art Center, the audience will see several industrial-looking steel structures. The metal objects are all wired up with special sound equipment that connects to the instruments of Oslo Sinfonietta’s musicians. As this work is mostly composed in year 2020-21, it will reflect my experiences of this special transitional time. Anxiety, anger, apathy will be modulated into the music. The composition is structured as if one reacts to trauma: through stages of shock, denial, anger, and acceptance, leading to recovery. The steel sculptures will function as objects that absorb all those exhausting feelings and perhaps even heal us. The performance will be akin to an other-timely ritual, where sorrows and griefs areplaced into inanimate objects, so that we can be set free.

The project is the second collaboration between Oslo Sinfonietta and Ignas Krunglevičius, following his work Gradients, written the Sinfonietta and the Norwegian Soloist Choir for the opening of Ultima 2012.

Ignas Krunglevičius is an artist and composer from Kaunas in Lithuania, living and working in Norway. He is trained as a composer at the Norwegian Academy of Music, and has extensive experience with both composition, visual arts, and installations.

Oslo Sinfonietta is Norway’s oldest running contemporary ensemble and was established by Norwegian composer Asbjørn Schaathun in 1986. The ensemble is under the leadership of Christian Eggen, who is artistic director and chief conductor.

  • Jessica Kabirat Flute
  • Jørgen Fasting Oboe
  • Catherine Berg Clarinet
  • Julius Pranevicius French horn
  • Sverre Riise Trombone
  • Kjell Tore Innervik Percussion
  • Sara Övinge Violin
  • Ingvild Nesdal Sandnes Cello
  • Håkon Thelin Double bass
  • Christian Eggen Conductor
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