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On 1 September, Henie Onstad Kunstsenter celebrates the vital Norwegian punk rock scene with one of the country's best live bands and our top standard bearers of the genre - Honningbarna!

Date Place Doors open Daufødt Honningbarna
Outdoor Stage Kl. 14:00 Kl. 15:00 Kl. 16:00 →  Kjøp billett

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And with this, we are also reactivating our punk and new wave heritage from the 1970s and 80s - when we caught the zeitgeist with concerts with legendary Norwegian bands such as Kjøtt, The Aller Værste, Wannskræk, Montasje and UKs Wire and This Heat and more.

Honningbarna 2 av Letizia Cigliutti
↑ Honningbarna

Photo: Letizia Cigliutti

↑ Daufødt

Photo: Torje Viestad

Honningbarna has played fast and have lived passionately and intensely for punk since the start in 2010. With six albums and Spellemann and P3 Gull awards and through hundreds of concerts at home and abroad, they have increasingly been referred to as Norway's best live band.

Their pace has been high since their teens and they were scheduled to continue to wreak havoc on club stages and festivals throughout both 2020 and 2021. However, when the country shut down during the pandemic, they were clear that the restrictions were not compatible with what a Honningbarna concert is and should be – unpredictable, physical and chaotic. They therefore stayed completely away from concerts and instead went into the studio to record their sixth album Animorphs, which received exclusively top reviews from the country's music critics. NRK called it a masterpiece, while Klassekampen referred to the album as "...one of the best punk records in Norway ever".

On the following tour, they sold over 9,000 tickets, sold out Oslo's Sentrum Scene several months in advance and were crowned "the kings of Norway" by the music magazine Gaffa for their concert at the Øya Festival in 2022.

Honningbarna's concert on the outdoor stage in Henie Onstad's beautiful sculpture park is part of this year's Sandvika Byfest and will be one of the few opportunities to see this explosive band live in 2024!

To warm up, we've invited Daufødt, a hyperpotent and fierce Spellemann-winning band that has one leg firmly planted in punk, while the other kicks in doors to genres such as noise, noise rock and free-improv. Daufødt themselves say that "The goal is simple - the listener should never feel safe!"