Electric Utopia

Perila / Klara Lewis & Nik Colk Void + Pedro Maia

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Ultima’s new Electric Utopia strand invites cutting edge electronic musicians and multimedia artists to stretch their comfort zones at the legendary Henie-Onstad Kunstsenter.

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Perila – born in St Petersburg, now based in Berlin – enjoyed a major breakthrough in 2021 as an acclaimed creator of large scale audio paintings in a mix of field recordings, atmospheric sound and synths. Working with music and visuals as well as DJing, Perila creates a particularly subtle and delicate weave of sound. Come and enjoy her first Norwegian live appearance.

The collaboration between Klara Lewis, Nik Colk Void and Pedro Maia combines solid, decaying beats with gritty post-industrial electronics and ambient flights of imagination. Lewis, a Swedish sound artist, uses manipulated field recordings and sample in an organic/digital mix. London-based Nik Colk Void has collaborated with her own band Factory Floor as well as former Throbbing Gristle members Cosey Fanny Tutti and Chris Carter in Carter Tutti Void, and the late Peter Rehberg of Editions Mego. Pedro Maia is a Portuguese film maker based in Berlin who manipulates the raw material of 8mm and 16mm film to create dazzling and dynamic colour fields and swirling, ever changing patterns on a large scale screen.

In collaboration with Ultima.

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