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Sanger til havet

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On Sunday 16 June, Det Norske Solistkoret will perorm music and lyrics about the wild, beautiful sea.

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Det Norske Solistkor is an innovative ensemble with a rich history. As one of Europe's leading chamber choirs, they deliver spectacular concerts at home and abroad, in concert halls and churches, caravans and disused factory halls.

In collaboration with Ultima Oslo Contemporary Music Festival, Henie Onstad have invited the choir to perform an ocean-themed concert on the occasion of exhibition The Atlantic Ocean. Myths, Art, Science.

Det Norske Solistkor consists of 26 hand-picked, professional singers with great expressive power. Together with its renowned artistic director Grete Pedersen, the choir is constantly developing towards realizing ambitious artistic goals.

Life in the sea and man's relationship to it has been a theme in Det Norske Solistkor's concert programs over the past year through the choir's priority project, Et hav av stemmer. The ocean gives us life, distributes heat on the globe and is the livelihood of many people. There are huge variations of life, as WWF formulates it. But life in the ocean, and with it ourselves, is threatened by climate change and pollution.

How do we behave in the encounter with the largest part of our globe? With the project Et hav av stemmer, the Det Norske Solistkor wishes to shed light on this important theme with concerts, recordings and musical meeting places with the sea as the thematic focal point.

The concert starts in the foyer and wanders out into the sculpture park, weather permitting.

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↑ Grete Pedersen

Photo: Bård Gundersen


Lars Johan Werle: Nautical preludes
Bente L. Thorsen: Laughing my head off singing your heart in
Evert Taube: Inbjudan til Bohuslän

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The project is in collaboration with Ultima Oslo Contemporary Music Festival and is made possible with support from Sparebankstiftelsen DNB.

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