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Saturday and Sunday the first weekend in December EAU and Audiorama join forces at Høvikodden to produce and perform two concerts in the Nordic PULS project.

Date Place Time
Studio 15:00 - 16:00



The goal of PULS is to profile musical experiences of high artistic quality to a wider Nordic audience.
Here you can experience an exciting program of live electronics, real-time video, performance and a unique 3D sound experience played over a 26-speaker setup, custom designed for Henie Onstad Kunstsenter. The concerts showcase works from Norway, Sweden and Denmark, including many world premieres.

Saturday, December 3

  • 15:00

    Natasha Barrett (NO): The Transformer #2. Live electronics, 3D sound and video, with soprano Silje Aker Johnsen.

  • 15:25

    Lola Ajima (DK): acousmatic piece, 3D sound. World premiere.

  • 15:35

    Hilde Marie Holsen (trumpet, live electronics). Improv-composition. Spatialisation by EAU. World premiere.

  • 15:45

    Tor Halmrast (NO): Live spatialisation and work interpretation

    by EAU.

Sunday, December 4

  • 15:00

    Magnus Bunnskog (SE / Audiorama): Audiovisual piece (fixed media). 3D sound. World premiere.

  • 15:10

    Marcus Wrangö (SE / Audiorama) analogue synths, live electronics. World premiere.

  • 15:20

    Kajsa Lindgren (SE): acousmatic piece.

  • 15:30

    Mathieu Lacroix (CA/NO): Xenakis’ 100 years anniversary - homage inspired by Xenakis’ pieces Jonchaies (1977) og Pithoprakta (1955-56).

  • 15:40

    Ernst van der Loo (NO): Xenakis’ 100 years anniversary - homage inspired by Xenakis’ pieces Xenakis’ Gendy 3 og S.709.

  • 15:50

    Maria W Horn (SE): "CD-R/Cyanide". Acousmatic. Live spatialisation by Audiorama.

  • Copy of Lola image00001 photo Jonna Eve Eriksson
    ↑ Lola Ajima

    Photo: Jonna Eve Eriksson

  • Ernst van der Loo Picturecredit David Krooshof
    ↑ Ernst van der Loo

    Photo: David Krooshof

  • Lacroix BERRE Foto Mikkel Walle
    ↑ Mathieu Lacroix

    Photo: Mikkel Walle

  • Magnus Bunnskog photoby Bodil Bolstad
    ↑ Magnus Bunnskog

    Photo: Bodil Bolstad

  • Marcus Wrango photoby MW 1367x2048
    ↑ Marcus Wrangö

    Photo: Marcus Wrangö

  • Natasha portrait photo Carsten Aniksdal
    ↑ Natasha Barrett

    Photo Carsten Aniksdal

  • Hilde Marie Holsen live photo Ruben Olsen
    ↑ Hilde Marie Holsen

    Photo: Ruben Olsen

  • Tor halmrast 0100611sh Julia Marie Naglestad
    ↑ Tor Halmrast

    Photo: Julia Marie Naglestad

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